Kari Oca II Agenda

June 13
Arrival of delegates in Rio de Janeiro

Day 1 – June 14
Opening Session of Conference:

•      Opening Ceremony

•      Approve agenda, nominate chairs, etc.

Evaluation of Gains and Losses Since UNCED:

•      Overview of UNCSD agenda and goals (CPA, Hortencia Hidalgo)

•      Implementation of Agenda 21, CBD, CSD, Intergovernmental Panel on Forests,

UNFCCC, UNCCD, etc. (IEN, Land is Life)

Day 2 – June 15
United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development (Rio+20):

•      Recognition of indigenous peoples’ rights to territories and resources as a

prerequisite to sustainable development (Marcos Terena, Marlon Santi)

UNCSD continued..

•      Traditional Knowledge and Sustainable Development (Florina Lopez, Tom Goldtooth)

•      Discussion of recommendations and interventions for UNCSD (Chair and Co-Chair)

•      Election of Drafting Committee

Day 3 – June 16
General Assembly Discussion and Approval of Conference Resolutions and Declaration (Drafting Committee)

Press Conference

Day 4 – June 17
Kari-Oca Delegation to Global Indigenous Peoples Conference

Regional Caucuses for the eight regions on the following:

  • Regional Situations and Items for Regional Reports

•      Plan of Action Discussion

•      Discussion on Globally Coordinated Campaign for IP Rights to Lands and Territories

Regional Caucuses Report to General Assembly

General Assembly Discussion on Kari-Oca II Plan of Action and Global Campaign on IP Rights and Self-Determination

Day 5 – June 18
• Indigenous Peoples Movement for Self-Determination and Liberation (IPMSDL)

•      Workshop on REDD, REDD+ and Clean Development Mechanism

Day 6 – June 19


Thematic Dialogue:
•      Conservation and Indigenous Peoples

Global Environment Facility; USAID; NGO’s; IUCN

Thematic Dialogue
•            World Bank and regional development banks (IDB, ADB) and indigenous peoples (ITC)

Day 7 – June 20
All Day

Workshops on urgent issues (NGO’s and press invited):

•      Xingu
•      West Papua
•      Botswana
•      Gibe III Dam
•      Chittagong Hill Tracts
•      Indigenous Peoples in Voluntary Isolation
•      Tar Sands
•      Extractive Industries, Militarization and Indigenous Peoples in Asia
•      Hydroelectric and other Energy Projects and Indigenous Peoples

 Day 8 – June 21
Public Rally / March to UNCSD

Day 9 – June 22
Closing Ceremonies

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